This website is a personal collection of all things, people, places, and above all, books connected with my love for The Little Prince and its author Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

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My first exhibition in Geneva

In 1980, when I was 17 years old, my father and I started collecting "Le Petit Prince" translated in different languages. Our first copy was in Italian, then in French, Spanish, Finnish, English and Latin.

While my father went on collecting by himself other books written by Antoine de Saint Exupéry, I was too busy travelling and trying to grow up. In 1992 my father passed away and I asked my mother if I could take over Papà's collection. I remember packing those precious books and adoring them.

My collection has mostly grown through the generosity and thoughtfulness of my family and friends and my regular searches through book markets and book stores around the world.

Every single item of my collection is extremely precious to me! Like all collectors, I love touching and going through it all regularly.

For me "Le Petit Prince" is a perfect book for all ages. At every given time in one's life "Le Petit Prince" will touch just the right chord.